Citrine and Smokey Quartz Long Strand

Citrine and Smokey Quartz Long Strand

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The most beautiful!!!! Long brass or brass and black enamel strand with a dual Smokey Quartz and Citrine custom pendant.  Beautiful link locking the two of them,  so the points send the energy outward all over you. 🥰

Each right about 18-19” top to bottom.

Citrine:Like Vitamin C for the soul, the Citrine crystal properties emanate positivity and joy. By connecting with Citrine, you can harness the energy of light and the energy of the sun embodied within this stone, which acts as a source of positive energy in all aspects of your life. From your attitude and outlook to your projects and pursuits, the Citrine crystal healing properties are perfectly suited to raise your vibration and help you embrace positivity and optimism as you move through life.


Smokey Quartz:This powerful stone is a super-charged variation of the extensive Quartz group of crystals, but with a distinctive twist. It gets its wispy hints of brown from exposure to natural underground radiation from granite deposits, giving regular Quartz an added punch of celestial vibrations.